How To Download and Run Premom Ovulation App. Fertility On Your PC


Premom Ovulation App. Fertility & Period Tracker is one of the most popular app for mobile devices and you can run smoothly Premom Ovulation App. Fertility & Period Tracker Apps on personal computers that use Android emulators to run Android apps.

Track your period, pinpoint ovulation, and get pregnant with our accurate ovulation tracker, period calendar, and pregnancy app. Premom is a cycle and fertility tracker app proven to be your best fertility companion.
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September 1, 2021
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Track your period, pinpoint ovulation, and get pregnant with our accurate ovulation tracker, period calendar, and pregnancy app. Premom is a cycle and fertility tracker app proven to be your best fertility companion.

Ovulation Tracker and Cycle Tracking App Features:

Ovulation Calculator & Digital Test Reader
+ Automatic ovulation test reader: scan ovulation tests and get your LH level in words (low, high or peak) to predict your fertile period of your cycle
+ Ovulation Calendar shows your peak fertility window 5 days sooner than ovulation day
+ Basal body temperature tracker will auto-sync easy@Home smart basal thermometer to chart your BBT
+ Upload fertility test results from ovulation, pregnancy, and progesterone tests (PDG)
+ See your fertile window, ovulation, period, and sex logs from the ovulation & period calendar

9 Cycle Money-Back Guarantee
Premom, along with our best-seller easy@Home ovulation & pregnancy tests, has been proven to help thousands of trying to conceive (TTC) couples get pregnant naturally. We confidently offer a money-back guarantee that will refund all of your easy@Home or Premom branded ovulation & pregnancy tests and basal thermometer purchases after 9 cycles of trying to get pregnant.

+ Users achieve a 377% higher pregnancy rate according to studies of our program.
+ Gain cycle insights and peak fertility days from our ovulation and period tracker
+ After trying to conceive for 6 cycles, get a free virtual consultation with a fertility expert

Period Tracker (Period Calculator) & Diary
Track your menstrual cycle, log your period dates and symptoms you experience in our app’s period tracker. Our app provides accurate period and cycle predictions to help you monitor your menstrual health.

+ Menstrual cycle & period diary to track your period, flow intensity, medications, ovulation day, insemination, weight, and cervical mucus
+ Period and menstrual calendar predicts based on ovulation, progesterone tests, BBT, and other symptoms
+ Log over 30+ PMS and ovulation symptoms and set tracking reminders for period, ovulation, PDG and BBT testing

Fertility Tracker (Fertility Calendar) & Ovulation App
We offer the most accurate fertility tracker and ovulation app to predict your cycles. You can easily track your fertility with our app's built-in prediction algorithms and view data on the fertility calendar.

+ Accurate fertility predictions based on your period, ovulation tests, BBT and CM
+ Access 50+ articles written by fertility experts
+ Personalized cycle tracking insights and charts on how to get pregnant
+ Ovulation cycle tracking line progression to help women get pregnant or avoid pregnancy
+ Support team dedicated to Premom Ovulation app women
+ Automated BBT chart, BBT spike, and coverline – no manual entry!
+ Set reminders for medication, ovulation, sexual activity, BBT and period tracking
+ Export ovulation and fertility data to share with your doctor

Pregnancy Tracker App (Pregnancy Calendar)
+ Track baby growth week by week and pregnancy symptoms
+ Pregnancy calendar and daily log to track baby development

Supportive In-App Community
Premom is trusted by thousands of women who are trying to conceive or tracking their ovulation cycles for natural family planning. Connect and get support with real women who are TTC, pregnant and moms in our in-app community. Get advice and your questions answered from our experts on different fertility and women’s health topics.

Download our Fertility and Ovulation Tracker and increase your odds of getting pregnant. Premom is proven to help achieve all of your family planning goals with our Fertility Calendar, Ovulation & Period Tracker.

Questions on your ovulation cycle or period tracking? Contact

How do I download the Premom Ovulation App. Fertility & Period Tracker software on my PC?

With our guide, you will learn the steps for installing and downloading Premom Ovulation App. Fertility & Period Tracker for Windows and Mac.

  • Click on Bluestacks to open the Bluestacks website. Then, go to the emulator's download page.
  • Now, you can download emulators here for Windows or Mac. Depending on the needs you have, choose the right version.
  • After you open the file, complete the installation of the emulator by following the guidance of the installation wizard.
  • Then You can download the app by logging into Gmail on the Play Store. In the Play Store you can now find Premom Ovulation App. Fertility & Period Tracker.
  • From there, install the Premom Ovulation App. Fertility & Period Tracker apps. After installing the apps, you can access it via the emulator.

What's new

Premom is constantly updating to improve your fertility experience, helping you get pregnant quickly and naturally.
New in this version:
- International membership is now available!
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