How to Run Dua Istikhara Full MP3 for PC (Windows 7,8, 10 and Mac)


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Dua Istikhara Full MP3 is an android application that is used by a lot of peoples. It is a useful application for all the devices. Do you want to use the android program on your computer devices? Then you have landed at the right place. In this article, we will reveal how to get the Dua Istikhara Full MP3 apps for PC most easily.

Islamic App about Dua Istikhara.
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Islamic App about Dua Istikhara.

This application brings you all about dua Istikhara.

Istikhara (Arabic) means to ask Allah to guide one to the right thing concerning any affair in one's life, especially when one has to choose between two permissible alternatives.

Ibn Taimiyyah said, "He who seeks guidance from the Creator and consults the creatures will never regret it."

ماهي الاستخارة ؟
الاسْتِخَارَةُ لُغَةً : طَلَبُ الْخِيَرَةِ فِي الشَّيْءِ . يُقَالُ : اسْتَخِرْ اللَّهَ يَخِرْ لَك .
وَاصْطِلَاحًا : طَلَبُ الاخْتِيَارِ . أَيْ طَلَبُ صَرْفِ الْهِمَّةِ لِمَا هُوَ الْمُخْتَارُ عِنْدَ اللَّهِ وَالأَوْلَى , بِالصَّلاةِ , أَوْ الدُّعَاءِ الْوَارِدِ فِي الِاسْتِخَارَةِ .
وهي : طلب الخيرة في شيء ، وهي استفعال من الخير أو من الخيرة – بكسر أوله وفتح ثانيه ، بوزن العنبة ، واسم من قولك خار الله له ، واستخار الله : طلب منه الخيرة ، وخار الله له : أعطاه ما هو خير له ، والمراد : طلب خير الأمرين لمن احتاج إلى أحدهما .(ابن حجر : فتح الباري في شرح صحيح البخاري)

Often times people mistake Istikharah for having a different meaning than it truly does. For the most part, this consists of people assuming that seeing a dream from Allah, regarding the situation being 'good' or 'bad' is a vital part of Istikharah. However, this is not the case.

The word Istikhara directly means, to ask Allah to guide one to the right sort of action concerning a job or deed. 'Khair' means good (asking Allah to guide you to the good or right answer). Meaning, you're not asking Allah to show you a vision, through a dream.

People sometimes think of their dreams, as answers from God. However, dreams sometimes consist of our thoughts, ambitions, etc. which are already made up in our minds. Often times we mistake these dreams/thoughts for Allah's word. In the time of marriage or finding a life partner, people ask their relatives to do Istikharah as well. However, the most important people in this marriage are the guy and girl getting married. So they should do it for themselves. We are taught from a very young age to ask Allah for a suitable life partner, this is also a sort of Istikhara. So once again, it is important that the guy and girl do Istikharah. If two people get contradicting dreams it could mean that the message was actually the same but misinterpreted. Be certain that you can't get two different answers from Allah, it's a mistake in our own interpretation. Which is why, the guy and girl should pray, and go with their gut feeling, not what others dream of.

Read the Dua for Istikhara
Many people say that the 2 Rak'ah of Nafl prayer should be read after Isha'a only because one can go to sleep directly after, and see a dream (if that's meant to happen). However, no where in the Hadith is a specific time for performing Istikhara given. In the Hadith istikhara it shows that one should perform it whenever they need to.

Please remember that Istikhara is not only for marriages! It should be an important part of every important decision that you make in your life. For example, if something comes up, and you only have a few moments to make a decision, you can still do Istikhara because it's technically just a prayer. Whether this be a decision regarding school, people, friends, jobs etc., pray to Allah to help you make the decision that would be beneficial to you in this world and the next.

Features of the app:

You can listen to all audios offline and in background..

share the app with family and/or friends

use other apps while listening to the dua

For any feedback or suggestion, send your email to kareemtkb developers and we'll read and reply to you in shaa Allaah.

Thank you for checking out this App.

How To Install Dua Istikhara Full MP3 on PC using BlueStacks

We will show you how to download and install Dua Istikhara Full MP3 for Windows and Mac in this guide.

  • From the given link below, you need to download BlueStacks on your PC (Windows/Mac).
  • Install Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC (Windows/Mac) by clicking the file you downloaded.
  • .
  • Once it has been installed. Launch BlueStacks on your Desktop by clicking its icon.
  • Search for Dua Istikhara Full MP3 and click Install when it appears on the search results page.
  • Dua Istikhara Full MP3 Will take a few seconds to install on your PC (Windows/Mac).
  • You can now open Dua Istikhara Full MP3 on the BlueStacks Home screen.
  • Enjoy!



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